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Customer’s voice:

“I was convinced by the way he showed us how innovation management and the requirements for digitalization will be key elements to add to our company’s foundation.”

Thomas Hinninger is one of the founders of ‘trapp hinninger + partner’.

Before that, Mr. Hinninger held the position of Managing Director of a 100-employee medium-sized service company developing major projects in the field of IND4.0 (such as digital twins, 3d simulation, AR – and VR models – cloud-based software asset management (€14Mio).

For more than 10 years Mr. Hinninger held the position of Vice President in a global stock-based company. Always in the M&A sphere and in both the acquisition and in post-merger integration phases in different locations including the Netherlands and Australia.

For more than 6 years Mr. Hinninger held the position of Managing Director of a global stock-based American/Japanese company for their DACH region. Driving post-merger integration with focus on sales of complex products and solutions in the field of industrial automation. (€22Mio)

Mr. Hinninger started his career as a project engineer with Siemens in Frankfurt a. M. and later in a similar position at ABB in Mannheim. During his tenure with ABB, Mr. Hinninger moved into the position of Head of Engineering.

For the past 15 years, Mr. Hinninger drove innovation and new technologies wtihin the companies he worked for, often by integrating government-funded projects with a consortium of associated partner companies and universities.

Selected references in M&A and interim management

MD – DACH Region post-merger integration of a legal entities and distribution network into a large American stock-based company – with focus on SaaS, vertical software sales approaches, establishment of solutions and services business. (€22Mio)

General Manager & Vice President – Europe & Middle East region post-merger integration into a French stock-based global Company – focus to retain a strong distribution network to be managed in country-based organization (€32Mio).

CEO & Vice President – global region post-merger integration – with focus on becoming a global business unit for software product development, product marketing & solution support & L3/L4. – web technologies, IIot, connectivity (€65Mio)


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